I have been dancing with Vertical Fusion since March of 2014. Prior to that I was a dedicated dancer (tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern) for 20 years - 20 years ago! I was first enrolled in dance class at age 5 to help with shyness (it worked!) and I went on to join my studio's performance troupe, my high school and college dance teams and performed with the Miss Montana Pageant Entertainers throughout the late 80's & 90's. I completed the elevatED Level 1 Professional Pole Instructor Training in October 2017 and the Vertical Fusion Teacher Training that December. I started teaching at Vertical Fusion Fort Collins right after my 44th birthday in April of 2018.

What inspired you to get into pole/aerial/dance/fitness?
I was about to turn 40, had just lost the baby weight from child #3, was sooooo over gym drudgery and lamenting that I never did anything outside of family activities. I started looking for adult dance classes that fit my stay-at-home mom schedule and came across a pole video of Melanie Piek in a local news article. I immediately thought "OMG! That's IT! I have to do that!" I signed up that day for Intro to Pole (with Jinger) and bought myself a pole and a pair of Pleasers for my birthday a few weeks later. Vertical Fusion satisfies everything I missed about being part of the dance community (minus the stress and inherent competitiveness) and allows me to be shamelessly sexy, silly and sweaty all at the same time.

What would you like every new VF student to know?
Our pole family is amazingly supportive. I'm thankful to have met so many people I never would have encountered in my life outside of pole. Many are half my age and from completely different lifestyles but they are all wonderfully kind, funny, creative and encouraging.

What wisdom would you like to impart or message would you like to send to all VF students, new and old?
Being bad at something is the first step to getting good at it! Every pole student comes to class with differing levels of dance and fitness experience as well as motivating factors for, and expectations in, being a pole dancer. Despite these differences, they all have the opportunity to gain the same satisfaction of achievement. Every success, no matter how small it may seem, is celebrated at Vertical Fusion.

Tell us something about yourself that is surprising or hard to believe?
My dream job (aside from teaching pole) would be as a professional sports team mascot. The combination of anonymity, spirit, fandom, humor and dance/athletic ability really ticks all my boxes!

What is your favorite pole/aerial memory and why?
I remember informing Jenny when I ordered my first pair of (Bad Kitty Brazils) booty shorts. I worriedly commented that they look cute and sporty on her but would probably look obscene on me. I wear much skimpier ones now.