Let Your Fitness Take Flight

Join Vertical Fusion aerial classes in Fort Collins

Taking your fitness to a new level is what we do best at Vertical Fusion. We offer a variety of local aerial classes at our studios in Fort Collins. If you're new to the aerial arts, we'll help you feel confident using aerial hammocks and hoops above the ground. Already spent some time in the air? We'll make sure you have what you need to soar to new fitness heights.

For more details about our local aerial classes, call Vertical Fusion now at (970) 377-9945 (Fort Collins).

Find a Fitness and a Community that is Fun

Find a Fitness and a Community that is Fun

Looking for aerial classes? Call Vertical Fusion today to learn about our unique courses. Some of the top aerial art classes we offer in Fort Collins, CO areas include aerial hoop (lyra) classes and aerial hammock (sling) classes.

Now is the perfect time to sign up for aerial hoop or aerial hammock classes.