I have been happily addicted to pole since 2011. I started teaching in 2014 at Vertical Fusion Fort Collins and teach beginner through advanced pole. I also enjoy teaching flexibility classes.

My experience include:

  • Intermediate/advanced pole workshops
  • Flow Movement and pole choreography workshops
  • Private pole sessions with renowned pole athletes
  • Acro-pole/lyra/aerial silk workshops and classes
  • YogaFit workshops/teacher trainings
  • Yoga classes/anatomy workshops
  • Dance workshops/classes (street jazz, contemporary, heels, belly dance, Zumba)

I've always been active in sports and love to dance. My pole inspiration stemmed from the movie Burlesque. I went to a studio to take a burlesque class and noticed all the poles in the room. I decided to try a pole class and ever since I've been hooked. I've also never been very enthusiastic about going to the gym, so pole is great because it doesn't seem like work!

What I would like every student to know is that if you can't do it now just try again later. Sometimes a week or two break works wonders!

The insight I would like to share with all VF students is that everyone feels silly, uncoordinated and uncomfortable at one time or another. Unknowingly, you will use these instances to build your self-confidence, gain friendships and achieve things you never thought possible.

Something you may find surprising about me is that I'm a goth child at heart and I love heavy music, but give me the beach any day.

I have many good pole memories, but one in particular caught me off guard. I was in a superman move and was attempting to get off the pole in a not-so-elegant way. Trying to get down, I was bent forward at the waist with my hands and toes just barely touching the floor. I said, "Thank goodness my legs are long enough to do that," as I slowly moved away from the pole in a bear-like crawl. As I stood and turned around the instructor instantly busted out laughing. I laugh every time I watch the video... I didn't think anyone was looking.