• No previous dance or athletic background
  • Started pole dancing in April 2012
  • Began teaching at Vertical Fusion in August 2013
  • Featured performer of Raw Artists: Mosaic in March 2014
  • Performed in over 10 showcases with Vertical Fusion
  • Aspiring pole competitor

I first discovered pole dance through a random Youtube search, and from that instant I had to give it a try. Months later I finally attended my first pole dance class, at Vertical Fusion, and was immediately hooked. There are so many aspects to pole that keep me coming back, but the most inspiring part about it is that there is always something new to learn, and another goal to achieve.

For students that are new to VF, know that you can do it! No really, I initially thought because I had no dance or athletic background that I wouldn't make it very far in pole. That's not to say I haven't had my slippery or weak days, but I never gave up on myself, or lost sight of the fun I was having. Approach your experience with an open mind, and above all be kind to yourself. Keep in mind that we all have days where things are difficult, but inversely we all have days where things seem to just click into place. Remember that, if nothing else, you're trying! And that, my friend, is awesome! Breath. Take a beat and allow yourself to slow down, and revel in the journey for all its ups and down. Believe me, it'll make your victory all the sweeter!