What is Pilates?

What is Pilates?

Vertical Fusion is thrilled to partner with Grace Pilates to bring you a Pilates program geared towards pole and aerial dancers, but also beneficial to for every body and ability.

Pilates is a comprehensive exercise system which facilitates a balance between strength and flexibility through the practical teaching of biomechanics in order to create efficiency in the bones, joints and muscles. Pilates conditions the whole body system, including the organs. If the bones are moving equally on both sides of the body, this restores balance and mobility in the body. When muscles are balanced, the body has less tension, thus reducing and preventing injury. Pilates is restorative and rehabilitative. This means that Pilates classes are like "going to rehab". But instead of only working the injured area, Pilates works the whole system, as the body is designed. This is integral for the brain so that it can help change the muscle patterns. This is why doctors and physical therapists recommend Pilates for patients who undergo treatment.

Pilates is a comprehensive exercise program. For the greatest amount of benefit, both Mat and Equipment classes are recommended and both are offered at Vertical Fusion Boulder. The large equipment has springs attached that create the perfect tension for uniformly strengthening joints and muscles. Breath is the primary focus of every exercise. Pilates exercises are invigorating and perfect for before class warm up as well as after class cool down and stretch.

Pilates and Conditioning private lessons and classes are designed to educate students about the design of the body and how the design functions best to produce efficiency in the body. Understanding how the joints operate and imaging them is the truest form of mind/body connection and will increase the "shelf-life" of the joints. Pilates is restorative and rehabilitative. Give your muscles, joints and even your organs the nurturing they deserve; restore and reset your nervous system to reduce tension and promote health inside all systems of the body.

Pilates Equipment classes may also be booked as private sessions for small groups, as private lessons, and/or as an extended one-hour session. Call or text Rende (Grace Pilates) to inquire/schedule: (720) 495-1004

Please note that Grace Pilates is an affiliate of Vertical Fusion but operates as an independent service provider, therefore, all lessons and classes are priced and purchased separate from Vertical Fusion prices/purchases. The only exception is the Pilates Mat classes which can be taken using your Vertical Fusion pricing option.

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