● Started poling in November of 2012.

● 6 years of previous martial arts experience

● Winner of Dangerous Curves: Plus Size Pole Competition 2015

● Managing director of Dangerous Curves beginning 2016

My inspiration to try pole came from one of my best friends, Lindz, who found a Karol Helms video on Youtube and showed it to me. We were blown away by Karol's strength, flexibility, and grace! Soon after, Lindz started taking classes at Vertical Fusion. After seeing her first showcase performance, I attended Intro to Pole with a mutual friend, and I instantly fell in love! I haven't looked back since.

To the new students of VF, know that everyone's journey is unique. Our bodies have a history -- whether that history is that you've been dancing or doing gymnastics for 20 years, or that you haven't exercised in 20 years, or anything in between. We all have our own unique strengths and progress at our own rate based on that history. Whether you find yourself in the advanced levels after just a few weeks, or are a beginner for 2 years, pole will provide you with countless opportunities for personal growth, improve your health, and bring you moments of pure joy!

Keep in mind that you only improve what you work on! I think we've all fallen into the trap of avoiding our areas of weakness, whether out of embarrassment or simply frustration, but it's important to realize that muscles that aren't used remain weak. Start wherever you need to start & just keep trying. And ask for advice from a variety of instructors for best results!

It's impossible to choose just one favorite pole memory, but one that comes to mind is when Melanie taught me the transition from Brass Monkey to Ayesha, and I was able to do it! I was taken aback in that moment by just how far I had come -- from not being able to hang from the pole with both arms, to doing this incredible advanced transition. I was amazed that I was capable of doing something so hard!

Something you may find surprising about me is that I've moved 25 times! Those moves include 10 different towns/cities in 4 different states.